YES YES YES... I can spell!

"I know how to spell his name – and even backwards. I can now even beat my dad!"

Dramatic Improvements!

Reading up 52%, writing up 36%, spelling up over 300%, i.e. achieving full potential!

Testimonials given to the Dyslexia Treatment Centre

"I would like to thank you for your help, my son’s progress is remarkable. In the space of a few months his schoolwork and his general confidence are showing dramatic improvements. His teachers are now saying he is coming on leaps and bounds."

Mr. R from Newton Mearns

"I recently completed an official form for the first time! This is a great achievement for me and something which I would never have attempted before!"

Michael Small from Glasgow

"I have been to see so many tutors and none worked, but that changed with meeting Jeffrey from Dyslexia Treatment Centre. I liked this program. It’s more interactive and more informative."

Jamie from Renfrewshire

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Dyslexia Treatment Courses

Dear parents, discover today how you can make a difference to your child. The fees for 6 months of dyslexia treatment is £141 per month.

Our dyslexia treatment centre is open half day training in Glasgow & London is only £47 for a half a day.

This amazing dyslexia course will make a real difference, telephone us today to find out more. Call: 07549 289475