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NLP Training Courses in Scotland and abroad

Get Certified as an NLP Practitioner with the Dyslexia Treatment Centre.

At the Dyslexia Treatment Centre we believe that before a person with dyslexia, dyspraxia or ADHD can get help we need to use all our NLP training skills, to help us understand more about our clients no matter what age they are.

From our many years of experience the one thing that has made a huge difference, is learning about neurolinguistic programming and becoming an NLP Practitioner and an NLP trainer. This unique approach to training and learning about ourselves and others has empowered our clients to be more of whoever they want to be and feel good about learning in their own way. One of our students an NLP Practitioner recently said " Its understanding that the universe is within each of us, and knowing this allows me to be free".

For our next NLP Certification Training, please see the dates below:

30 June - 7 July 08

NLP Practitioner Certification


Location: Glasgow, Scotland UK


Cost: £1785 (early rate) / £2100


Hours: 10am – 6pm

What will you learn on our NLP Practitioner training in Scotland?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence and one of the fastest growing pragmatic tools for creating success in the world today. It is widely used in education by teachers,trainers,facilitators, coaching and therapist.

What will you learn on the NLP Practitioner course?

The Foundations of NLP – the glue that holds it all together

  • Learn about empowering beliefs that can change the way you experience the world around you
  • A simple model of communication that always helps you get your message across
  • Discover how your mind and body affect each other, and how to obtain positive change

Well-formed outcomes – simple steps to achieving our goals

  • How to set smart goals so that you realistically achieve them
  • Ask specific questions that enable someone else to get totally clear about their desires in a trouble free way·

Rapport – the basis to connecting with someone, and influencing them

  • Discover what body language really works and what doesn’t
  • Learn how to quickly get on someone’s wavelength
  • Matching and mirroring physiology so that people unconsciously identify with you
  • Use your voice to build rapport rapidly
  • Elegantly learn to disagree with others whilst maintaining rapport

Representational systems – how we use our 5 senses

  • Discover how we see, hear, feel, and to some extent, taste and smell the world. Learn deep rapport by matching another person’s preferred system and therefore create a deeper level of understanding
  • Read another person’s eye movements to discover how they are thinking

You also learn Memory Re-Solution

  • Eliciting and discovering how we store our memories in relation to time and discover  how you store your memories
  • Discovering the root cause of presenting problems
  • Learn ways that release unwanted emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt quickly and comfortably
  • Deleting limiting decisions like "I can’t learn easily", "I’m a failure", "I’m too old for a new career" 

Stress Management using simple NLP & Self Hypnosis Techniques

  • Discover how stress can be filtered out of your life
  • Learn the prime directives of the unconscious mind – allowing you to fully understand why certain messages get through and others don’t
  • Learn verbal and non-verbal suggestion – so you can control and direct conversations more effectively

Parts – the key to personal congruence and focus

  • Learn to work with internal conflict and gain congruence and clarity
  • Understand the importance to clearing blockages and and how that assists pupils in returning to school quicker

NLP & Submodalities – taking charge of your brain

  • Learn how to use your brain’s own programming language
  • Discover how someone structures their beliefs and how to change un-useful beliefsv
  • Use sub-modalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours
  • Use SWISH patterns to rapidly break unwanted habits
  • Learn how to motivate people on long term projects

Language patterns – use language patterns with awareness elegance and precision

  • Use language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message
  • Challenge and overcome objections elegantly
  • Know just the right questions to get to the very root of a problem
  • Learn powerful conversational techniques to assist someone in changing their mind
  • Negotiate with elegance. Gain agreement on opposing points of view in minutes

Anchoring – the power of associative conditioning at your fingertips

  • Use resource anchors to strengthen your personal resources and your ability to access them whenever you desire them
  • Collapse anchors to remove the bad feelings from past experiences

Strategies – the unconscious processes we use to create all our behaviour

  • Discover and utilise someone’s decision-making strategy. Find out the strategies of how someone learns best
  • Change your less useful strategies for more useful ones
  • Learn to use your effective strategies more often

How is this programme structured?

The programme is led by Jeffrey Goodwin and Jane Talbot, both Certified International Trainers of NLP. Both have extensive knowledge of training delivery including  training teachers, management techniques in motivation, and personality profiling techniques.

A team of Coaches will support Jeffrey and Jane this will ensure that you understand the techniques, and how you can apply them and make them work for you. The NLP Practitioner training course is highly practical and time is spent on discussion, demonstration and group exercises. There is also ample time for practice sessions to perfect the nlp practitioner techniques, and to have fun!

Who can profit from an NLP practitioner training?

Trainers / Teachers who want to develop stimulating and effective approaches to teaching and learning using the skills to excel and train in formats for specific types of challenges or blocks to learning. Learn to use specific language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message.

Coaches and personal development consultants who want to enhance their abilities as change agents.

Therapists and Counsellors, using these nlp techniques will allow you to create powerful chains of resources, and get people out of "stuck" states like fear, confusion and guilt and use simple models of communication that will enable you to get your message across easily.

Parents who want to make a difference to the lives of the ones who they love. Maybe your child is home schooled. Learn the secret techniques that are not taught in any class room.

Everyone who wants to create an edge for themselves in an increasingly competitive world.

Individuals who want to get more of what they want out of life in all areas: careers, relationships, health, family and personal development

What will your qualification be?

You will qualify as an NLP Practitioner in just 8 days and you will be able to use your skills professionally and personally and take a quantum leap in your personal development. Plus of course be Certified as an NLP Practitioner with the Dyslexia Treatment Centre.

Dyslexia Treatment Centres, serving Scotland and UK , are specialists providing training in neuro linguistic programming, help and information, on our education programmes, tutoring for dyslexia, dyspraxia & ADHD therapy in children & adults.

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