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Famous Dyslexics

Famous people who allegedly experience or experienced dyslexia and who did not let it stand in their way:

Albert Einstein – When at school he was considered to be mentally slow and a bit of a "dreamer". He was also considered to be unsociable when at school. His fame is due to the theory of relativity.

Richard Branson – Outstanding entrepreneur who founded Virgin Records and Virgin Airways amongst many other successful businesses. Also well known for his sense of adventure with powerboats and hot air balloons.

Steven Redgrave – Outstanding oarsman and winner of Olympic Gold medals.

Thomas Edison – His teachers considered him to be mentally slow. His mother removed him from school and taught him at home. He is famous for inventing the electric light bulb and the phonograph.

Alexander Graham Bell – Invented the telephone. Known in the scientific world for establishing the "research lab".

Walt Disney – Cartoonist who invented Mick Mouse, Donald Duck and many more cartoon characters. The Disney empire now encompasses Disney World, which gives so much enjoyment to children and adults of all ages.

William James – Considered being the first American psychologist.

Auguste Rodin – His teacher wrote to his father "He is in educable. The sooner you put him to work the better." He is famous for the sculpture "The Thinker".

Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister during World War 2, historian, artist and author.

George Washington – When he was 14 years of age his grammar and spelling were described as "atrocious". However he did have a flair for mathematics. He was made President of a new country called The United States of America.

Jackie Stewart – Famous Grand Prix racing driver who is a former World Champion.

Tom Cruise – World famous actor and winner of numerous awards.

Guy Ritchie – World famous film director.

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