YES YES YES... I can spell!

"I know how to spell his name – and even backwards. I can now even beat my dad!"

Dramatic Improvements!

Reading up 52%, writing up 36%, spelling up over 300%, i.e. achieving full potential!

Free on-line Dyslexia Test

  Question Yes No Some
1. Do you find copying from the blackboard or whiteboard slow and do you make mistakes ?
2. Do you find it difficult to remember multiplication tables ?
3. Do you find you make lots of spelling mistakes ?
4. Do you find yourself being more and more frustrated, having regular temper tantrums, having problems with your behaviour or do you find yourself being quiet and withdrawn, particularly in school or when doing homework?
5. Do you find you sometimes don't want to go to school ?
6. Do you find it difficult getting your ideas down in writing ?
7. Do you find reading difficult and much slower than other children ?
8. Do you find you don't enjoy reading, especially aloud, and you small misread or miss out small words?
9. Do you find it difficult to take in information that has been read out by a teacher or someone else, and recall instructions, often missing some out completely and or getting them in the wrong order?
10. Do you find it difficult to punctuate your Writing ?

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We do have a drug-free treatment for adults and children with Dyslexia.


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