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Free Dyslexia Test from the Dyslexia Treatment Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, NLP Courses dyslexia symptom, ADHD

YES YES YES... I can spell!

"I know how to spell his name – and even backwards. I can now even beat my dad!"

Dramatic Improvements!

Reading up 52%, writing up 36%, spelling up over 300%, i.e. achieving full potential!

Free on-line Dyslexia Test

  Question Yes No Some
1. Do you make frequent spelling mistakes causing embarrassment ?
2. Do you consistently make the same spelling mistakes. Do the same errors appear to be stuck in your memory. (e.g. 'towmorro' for 'tomorrow') ?
3. Do you have difficulty remembering names and/or appointments. Do you find you are forgetful and poorly organised ?
4. Do you have difficulty comprehending questions, especially in exams and find you have to read the questions again and again as the information is not making sence?
5. Do you have difficulty with your energy level after a day of reading and writing ?
6. Do you have difficulty in getting your ideas in the right order when planning to write an essay?
7. Do you find it difficult to take notes, often missing the main points and a combination of poor spelling and slow handwriting ?
8. Do you find you can have an excellent day followed by a terrible one, and the standard of work produced will vary from good to bad ?
9. Do you find your reading speed still is slower than other people and you often have to re-read complicated text several times before it is understood ?
10. Do you find your hand writing is untidy and difficult to read especially when writing under timed pressure ?

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