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Dyslexia Symptoms

The symptoms or the indicators below show that a child may have dyslexia and therefore needs additional help from the Dyslexia Treatment Centre.

Some of the following symptoms (but rarely all!) will be found:

  • Reading Difficulties – Reading for some can be slow, tiring or inaccurate. Some parents tell us "their child is really struggling with their reading." "They also seemed to be so careless, sometimes getting the big difficult words, but keeps making silly mistakes on all the little ones."
  • Spelling problems – Difficulty in remembering the correct spelling of words.
  • Poor writing and grammar – Dyslexics can also suffer from poor handwriting. This is also called dysgraphia.
  • Poor mathematical skills – Mathematics for some just seems impossible sometimes it seems like a foreign language and may never be understood by the dyslexic adult. This may also bring other problems of low self esteem.
  • Concentration – and Attention Span Problems – difficulty in staying focused.
  • Memory lapses – forgetting some things quickly – whilst retaining others (many say "they go upstairs to get something then forget what they went for!")
  • Balance or co-ordination problems – clumsiness or difficulty with some sporting activities.
  • Fear and anxiety of learning
  • Low self esteem and underachieving – Many children are wrongfully labeled "thick", "stupid" or "lazy". We know this is not true. Virtually everyone who comes to the Dyslexia treatment Centre is far brighter than anyone had previously thought.
  • Parents feeling helpless to help their child
  • Frustrations for both children & parents
  • Directional confusion – comes in many forms, for example uncertainty of left and right, and some people say this is the reason for the reversing of letters or numbers. This sometimes is called mirror writing.
  • Sequencing difficulties – can be a major problem for some children. Sometimes not understanding or remembering something’s in a sequences. This will most definitely affect their ability to read and spell correctly.

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