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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can we help?

A revolutionary breakthrough in treatment made by the Dyslexia Treatment Centre research team means, that virtually everyone can improve dramatically on our drug-free treatment.

At Dyslexia Treatment Centres around the country we are treating students of all ages:

  • Children from 7 and above - who despite early signs of normal intellegence before school age are showing signs of learning difficulties, attention or hyperactivity problems
  • Teenagers - who have found schoolwork progressively more and more difficult and show signs of frustration when trying to keep up with their peers
  • Adults - who have often questioned why they are underachieving. They realise their thinking skills are more advanced than their ability to communicate their thoughts
How do we book into the Dyslexia Treatment Centre?
How long has Dyslexia Treatment Centre been going?

The founder and the medical team started research several years ago and has been open in Glasgow since 2001.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes - there is a waiting list but by the end of January, there will be 2 Dyslexia Treatment Centres open to cope with the demand. The help line will let you know of any cancellations if you ask.

How much does it cost?

This depends of course on how long the treatment needs to go on. If the treatment takes Nine months (which is the typical time) the complete cost will be around 1311. This includes all the tests, consultations, workshops and remediation advice.

Can payment be made over a period of time?

Yes certainly, payments are made a month in advance by check or standing order.

Is the 10% discount for the 2nd family member only or for both members if 2 are attending?

If two members of the family start the Dyslexia Treatment Centre programme at the same time, they will both benefit from the 10% discount.

What discount is allowed for 4 family members requiring treatment?

Each member of the family will receive the 20% discount when starting the programme.

What are the office hours of Dyslexia Treatment Centre?

At present the help line is open between 7.30am 9.00pm Monday - Sunday. Also home visits available.

Is Dyslexia Treatment Centre a charity?

No it is a private organisation.

Do you run seminars? If you do, I would like to attend.

Yes we run a ten day Intensive dyslexia coaching certification Programme for parents, teachers counsellors, and coaches,. so if you have a keen interest just let us know.

Is it possible to talk to some students who have been through the Dyslexia Treatment Centre programme?

Yes - if you phone the Dyslexia Treatment Centre Customer Information Line on: 0870 060 1549, they will put you in touch with some students if you wish.

Many of our students have never been officially diagnosed with dyslexia, dyspraxia or attention disorder but know they are not ‘realising their potential’. If you think you or a loved one may benefit from the Dyslexia Treatment Centre programme but are not sure, call our fully trained Customer Information team on 0870 060 1549 who will be able to advise you.

What are the symptons?

Some of the following (but rarely all!) will be found:

  • Reading Difficulties - usually slow (or inaccurate) visual tracking and tiring quickly
  • Spelling Problems - difficulty in remembering correct spelling
  • Poor writing and grammar
  • Poor mathematical skills
  • Concentration - and Attention Span Problems - difficulty in staying focussed
  • Memory Lapses - forgetting some things quickly - whilst retaining others (many say "they go upstairs to get something then forget what they went for!")
  • Balance or Co-ordination Problems - clumsiness or difficulty with some sporting activities.
  • Fear and anxiety of learning
  • Low self esteem and underachieving: Many children are wrongfully labelled "thick", "Stupid " or Lazy". We know know this is not true. Virtually everyone who comes to the Dyslexia treatment Centre is far brighter than anyone had previously thought.
  • Some of our students seem to have bypassed the "crawling stage as a baby and went quickly to walking aroung the furniture" whilst others crawled for a very long time before walking. Does this sound familiar?
How to contact us

For further information call our customer information team on 0870 060 1549 or email us on: Contact Dyslexia Coaching Team

For further information
call our customer
information team on

Dyslexia e-Book
Coaching Your
Dyslexic Child

A step by step guide
by Jeff Goodwin
Director of the Dyslexia Treatment Centre and
NLP Scotland

Dyslexia Treatment Courses

Dear parents, discover today how you can make a difference to your child. The fees for 6 months of dyslexia treatment is £141 per month.

Our dyslexia treatment centre is open half day training in Glasgow & London is only £47 for a half a day.

This amazing dyslexia course will make a real difference, telephone us today to find out more. Call: 07549 289475


Realise the potential of your child with the help of our specialist team.

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We do have a drug-free treatment for adults and children with Dyslexia.