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About the Dyslexia Treatment Centre

Our team of professionally trained dyslexia staff include:

  • The only trainer in Europe to hold the Master Trainer status with the Dyslexia Treatment Centre
  • Bowen Therapist
  • Chiropractors
  • Accelerated Learning Specialist
  • Trainers and Master practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Nutritionist
  • Medical Herbalist

We provide tailor-made treatment solutions with a system that has been designed by us, to assist people with dyslexia and related learning difficulties. The suggested exercises are to be followed by the students with their parent’s aid or helper.

The Dyslexia Treatment Centre offers:

Dyslexia Treatment Prices

Dear parents, the fees for 6 months of dyslexia treatment is £4000.

Allow us to help your child grow and develop as they should.

Discover our effective techniques that work and make a difference.

The dyslexia treatment centre is located in Glasgow.

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Dyslexia e-Book
Coaching Your
Dyslexic Child

A step by step guide
by Jeff Goodwin
Director of the Dyslexia Treatment Centre and
NLP Scotland

Dyslexia Treatment Courses

Dear parents, discover today how you can make a difference to your child. The fees for 6 months of dyslexia treatment is £141 per month.

Our dyslexia treatment centre is open half day training in Glasgow & London is only £47 for a half a day.

This amazing dyslexia course will make a real difference, telephone us today to find out more. Call: 07549 289475

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Frustrated teaching some of your pupils?

Try our Dyslexia Test

Order our latest Dyslexia Book Coaching your dyslexic child.

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